Our OPFOR support is anchored by an inventory of more than 10,000 non-standard U.S. blank firing weapon systems.

With a foreign weapon inventory this comprehensive, we are able to arm and outfit an opposing force resembling almost any foreign military, insurgency or geographical engagement. We have thousands of the ubiquitous AK47 available as well as the corresponding crew served weapons and sniper systems.

Additionally, our battlefield effects simulate realistic threats and conditions which enhance the total immersion of the training experience. We are equipped to provide indoor and outdoor effects and pyro.

CFC’s explosive technicians are skilled in a full range of atmospheric, mechanical, and pyrotechnic effects ranging from gunfire to massive IED signatures.

All effects are conducted by our licensed professionals who comply with the highest safety standards.


  • Comprehensive inventory of Foreign Weapons

  • Weapon mounts and prime movers

  • 7.62x39mm military blanks and reduced load blanks

  • Full catalog of effects and simulations equipment

  • Federal Explosives Licensed

  • BATFE compliant for transportation and storage

  • Import and Export License

  • Licensed and certified pyrotechnicians in all 50 states